How to Unclog A Bathtub Drain? 4 Effective Tips

How to Unclog A Bathtub Drain? 4 Effective Tips

In your bathroom Clogging of a Bathtub can be caused due to several reasons. In this article, we will read about how to unclog a bathtub drain with some easy tips. A bathroom is a place in your house that has more drains than any other place, which we unwantedly get clogged.

Bathtub or Shower Drain clogs can be held due to many things done by people. Blocking of hairs is the most likely cause of drain clogs – generally when someone has long hairs in your house. Even if that is not the cause, hair fall while washing hairs or shaving in the shower may lead to clogged bathtub drains.

Hairs, Dirt, Debris, & Soap Scum, may lead up to blockages that will clog the drain and also result in slow draining.

Clogging Bathtub Drains can be a headache for the homeowners so it is important to know “ how to unclog a bathtub drain?”

Below, we have highlighted all the tips & steps to unclog a bathtub drain to let the drains free to flush blocked water.


Step 1:

Find a standard screwdriver to take out the tub stopper. All the Bathtubs Drains don’t have the same stoppers and strainers, so sometimes it’s good to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removing the stoppers and strainers.

Screw driver to unscrew bathtub drain stopper


Unscrew the bathtub drain stopper counterclockwise if it is attached through a screw while lifting it up. If there is no screw then you can use your fingernail to lift the stopper. if you need to wrench the screws, then make sure none of them will drop or be lost.

If you are not able to lift the stopper or strainer of the bathtub then to avoid any damage or injury you can consult or call Fischer Plumbing’s professional plumbers to help you unclog the bathtub drain.


Step 2:

After lifting up the bathtub drain stopper or strainer, you will find the threaded rod which is the reason why the bathtub drain gets clogged. It’s a straight rod screwed in the drain that you can simply remove using your fingers. Unscrew it counterclockwise and make sure you also put it aside safely along with the Stopper & Screw.

How to unclog a bathtub drain how to unclog a bathtub drain? 4 effective tips


Step 3:

Now take off the tub stopper base to see the things which have clogged your bathtub drain. Wear gloves and grab a plier to take off the clogged things from the bathtub drain. Also, take a polythene bag to empty the clogged things from the bathtub drain.

How to unclog a bathtub drain


Step 4:

Now next step is to flush the drain by using some natural drain remedies. You can use the below home remedies to unclog a bathtub drain.

1. Boiling Water

Shampoo and soap can cause a gunky buildup to clog your bathtub drain. To combat the problem, boil a pot of water on the stove, and slowly pour it down the drain.

While this tip might not work for all types of clogs (such as matted hair), the hot water can dissolve most soaps fairly quickly. Try this method first to see if it unclogs the drain and if not, it’s time to move on to another method.

Boiling hot water to unclog bathtub drain


2. Plunger

You may have a question in mind that how to fix a clogged bathtub drain with a plunger? as this is not some usual tool used by homeowners. A plunger is mostly used by professional plumbers for plunging the drain and it is something that may not be available at your home.

Plunger for unclog bathtub drain

A plunger is one of the most effective tools used to clear a bathtub clogged drain. How much you will succeed in clearing the clog will depend on the size and design of a drain.

To unclog bathtub drain using a plunger you are required some small amount of petroleum jelly. Before using the plunger, add some water in the bathtub with some petroleum jelly around the rim of the plunger to create a strong seal and start plunging out the clogged drain.


3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Some people may not like to use chemicals and need to unclog the bathtub drain using natural remedies. Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda & mix it with the same quantity of vinegar. Now pour the mixture down the drain and let it settle for at least 10 minutes.


Now you need some hot water to flush down the drain. Remember the mixture of Baking Soda and Vinegar along with the hot water will only help to dissolve mild clogs.


4. Try a Plumber’s Snake

Plumbers snake is one of the best clog removing tools that are mostly used by plumbing professionals. It is easy to use and very much effective.

Plumber snake unclog bathtub drain

To snake the bathtub drain, push the snake down the drain slowly. Don’t stop until you have reached the clogged material.

Twist the handle of the snake and try to stick the clog around the plumber’s snake auger. When you feel the handle is getting harder to turn, push it out of the drain.

Start turning the handle of the snake until you bring it back up and out of the drain. Once you’re done, run some water to test the drain to confirm that the clog is completely removed.

Call Professional to Unclog Heavy Bathtub Drain

A clogged bathtub drain can be frustrating and a headache for the homeowners which is why it’s important to fix the bathtub clogged drain. The above tips can help you to unclog minor bathtub drains. For heavy drain clog problems, you can consult Fischer Plumbing professionals.

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