You’ve invested a lot of money in your home, and you’ve worked hard to make it a beautiful, comfortable place to raise a family and live a good life. It’s in your best interest to keep that home in good condition. This means more than just dealing with visible problems, but handling problems that you may not be able to see, but which are no less serious than a crack in your ceiling or a crumbling walls.

Did you know that plumbing problems can speed up the deterioration of your home? Leaking pipes can degrade the foundation of your home, or weaken the supports keeping the walls upright. That’s not even getting into the damage to your paint, hardwood floors, or carpets!

It’s important to keep your home in good working order. That means taking care of your plumbing and drainage systems, and dealing with any problems that arise BEFORE they become serious. Time to call in the plumber to handle the issues for you.

Fischer Plumbing provides Edmonds quality plumbing you can trust and is vital for keeping your home in good condition. And not just today, but for years to come!


Your home plumbing sees a lot of daily use:

  • Flushing toilets
  • Draining sinks
  • Dishwashing and laundry machines
  • Showers and bathtubs
  • Rainwater and melting snow

You’d be amazed at what types of problems this daily use can create–everything from leaking sinks and faucets to cracked pipes to blocked drainage systems and broken water heaters. These problems are “par for the course” for residential plumbing systems, which is why you need an Edmonds plumber that can deal with these problems for you.

Fischer Plumbing is proud to offer all types of residential plumbing services:

  • Plumbing fixture replacement and repair
  • Low water pressure problems
  • Water heater installation, replacement, and repair (tank and tankless)
  • Water softeners and filtration systems
  • Leak and drip repair
  • Backflow repair, replacement, and re-certification
  • Installation of new gas, water, and sewer pipe lines
  • and more!


Fischer is the all-in-one stop for your plumbing needs. We’ll make sure your home is well-cared for and in good working condition.

You take care of your body: eating for energy, being active, and caring for your skin. You understand that your body is the “vessel” that will get you through life, so you do your best to ensure that it’s well-cared for.

Imagine your plumbing system is your blood vessels. Just like your blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrients around your body, so too your plumbing system is responsible for transporting water and heat–things you can’t live without! It’s in your best interest to keep your home’s “blood vessels” working well.


That’s why it’s time for a plumbing inspection. An inspection will help you to find all the leaks, cracks, and wastes, allowing you to rectify the problem and restore proper flow to your home.

What does a plumbing inspection include?

  • Fixtures — Sinks, faucets, showers, bathtubs, hot tubs, dishwashers, toilets, and garbage disposal machines are all connected to water pipes, but the seal on the connections are prone to damage and leakage.
  • Exposed plumbing — We will visually inspect every part of your plumbing system to ensure that you are safe in your home. Best of all, we’ll offer advice on how you can improve your plumbing to increase water efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Water heater –– Your emergency water shut-off valve, drain valve, water/gas/electricity connections, thermostat, pressure relief valve, flue pipe, and emergency gas shut-off need to be checked to ensure they’re all in good working order.
  • Water service –– Has your water pressure dropped suddenly? Are you not getting the hot water you used to? We’ll check your boiler system and water pressure regulator to ensure they are working well. We’ll also make repairs to prevent future damage and water problems.
  • Washing machine service –– We’ll give your washing machine a thorough examination and make sure all the parts (emergency water shut-off, hoses, drains, etc.) are working well.


What makes Fischer Plumbing the Edmonds plumber you want to work with? Simple: our professionalism!


We’re Edmonds’ most available plumbers, ready to help you any time you call. Our high standards of quality ensure that all your plumbing repairs are done right, without the poor, “slapped together” quality you’d get from less-than-ethical plumbers. With Fischer, you get only the best repairs.

You take pride in the appearance of your home, and so do we! We’ll ensure that your home is left “up to code” in every area, with a plumbing system that purrs like a well-oiled engine. Our goal is to make sure your home stays in good working condition for many, many more years to come.

Call the professionals

Call Fischer Plumbing Right Away And Get The Best Plumbing Service At Your Doorstep


We are a full-service plumbing company that does all home service plumbing and sewer repairs.

This can be anything from drain cleaning, toilets, or sink replacement to rootering drains and repairing sewer lines. When it comes to plumbing, we do it all, just call us at (206)-279-3322

We care about your health and continue to serve our customers safely through the CDC COVID-19 protocols.

Office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM, after-hours emergency calls are very limited with current labor shortages, we cannot guarantee the ability to provide after-hours plumbing services. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs.

We are an hourly shop and charge time and material for most of our plumbing services. This is a more cost-effective process for our customers and most other plumbing companies charge overinflated prices and they have much higher profits as a result.

We do plumbing as far north as Everett and as far South as Renton. We also travel east as far as Woodinville and Issaquah. Please call us if you would like to know about providing plumbing services in your community.

Yes, we love to support non-profits, from Churches to Volleyball Teams, Little League, and our local roadside clean-up crews, we love to help out where we can.



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