Water Heaters

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    Plumber With A Hot Water Heater

    We specialize in water heater repairs, maintenance, installation, and emergency services to ensure uninterrupted hot water for your Seattle home or business throughout the year.

    Water Heater Installation

    Expert Water Heater Installation Services: Entrust your water heater installation to Fischer Plumbing. This intricate task demands a comprehensive understanding of local building codes and plumbing design and the expertise to handle potential hazards like gas leaks and electrical faults.

    Our professional water heater replacement and repair service begins by assisting you in selecting the ideal unit for your home, considering various sizes and types such as tankless, traditional tank, or heat pump models.


    Once you’ve chosen, our skilled plumbing technicians take care of everything. They’ll remove the old equipment and seamlessly install the new one, ensuring all connections—water, gas, and electricity—are meticulously placed for optimal functionality and safety.

    Electric Water Heaters

    Electric water heaters provide significant advantages over conventional natural gas models. They offer lower installation costs, requiring only a special outlet without complex venting systems, unlike gas heaters. Electric heaters are space-efficient, fitting into compact areas without concerns about gas buildup, while gas heaters often require more ventilation space and are installed outside for safety reasons.


    Additionally, electric water heaters outlast gas models, lasting 2-5 years longer due to their simpler design. They are also cost-effective, with a lower initial purchase cost compared to equivalent-sized gas heaters.


    One notable advantage is the absence of a pilot light, eliminating concerns about relighting flames. This is especially relevant as some newer gas heaters rely on electricity, meaning they go out during power failures. At Fischer Plumbing, we assist in selecting the right water heater and address safety, space, cost, and operational efficiency concerns.

    Tankless Water Heaters

    Tankless water heaters require less energy but are also more expensive to purchase and install. Consumer reports found that gas tankless water heaters are 22% more energy efficient than their more common gas storage tank models. This equates to a savings of around $70-$80 per year, using 2008 national energy costs. However, they cost much more than storage-type water heaters, so it can take over 20 years to recover the initial cost.


    In addition, they are designed to heat water more quickly, which results in water savings. You generally do not have to wait for the cold water to run through the pipes, as with a storage water heater. Further, water is heated as it passes through the tankless models, so you will never run out of hot water from a single source.

    Water Heater Services

    Handling water heater replacements, installations, common repairs, and maintenance for all types of water heaters for homeowners and businesses throughout King and Snohomish Counties.

    Plumber Inspecting Water Heater
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    Plumber Inspecting Water Heater

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    Fischer Plumbing & Drain Cleaning offers various residential repair and maintenance services. Our expert team of professionals can diagnose and support with plumbing, boiler servicing, drain cleaning, home restoration, heating repairs, air conditioning, electrical work, and more. Whether you’re looking to install a new tap in your bathroom or require expert support with remodeling your entire kitchen, there is no project too big or too small for the Fischer masters. We promise quality workmanship, effective solutions, and professional service quality for every client, every job, and every home. Call us today at 206-279-3322.


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    Water leaks are the most common problem with water heaters. In the long run, the water can corrode the tank and cause leaks.

    The labor cost of installing a water heater can range between $60 and $200 per hour, depending on whether the unit is tankless or has a storage tank.

    Strange noises, insufficient hot water, foul odors, and old age may be signs that your water heater needs to be replaced immediately.

    Tankless water heaters need a separate gas line because of the pressure differences. They require more gas when it’s time to heat the water. They may use less energy overall but pull in a high pressure when heating is required.

    A tankless water heater can be installed in an old home, but certain electrical and plumbing modifications may be required to cater to the system. These upgrades may be necessary for installation and ensuring better water quality and pressure.

    The amount of time required to fix a boiler depends on several factors, such as the extent of the damage. Sometimes it can take an hour or two, and other times it can even take days to repair.

    An average boiler can last up to 15 years if adequately maintained. When you notice it needs too many repairs to keep running, you should replace it to avoid increased energy bills.