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    Plumber Installing A Boiler

    Plumbing is part of the home’s infrastructure, and when things go haywire, the house stops working properly. You wind up with overflowing toilets, scalding showers, and leaky faucets! A malfunctioning boiler is one of the biggest problems affecting home plumbing systems.


    If you’re looking for a commercial or residential local boiler repair company by googling “emergency boiler repairs near me,” it’s time to stop your internet efforts and start getting the help you need from a team you can trust. Fischer Plumbing offers emergency replacement and repair services to Puget Sound and Seattle homes.


    Whether you need gas boiler repair, same-day service, or something else, our team is here to help ensure your home is back in good working order. Partner with our team and know you’re getting the area’s best boiler service and repairs.

    Boiler Installation

    The installation quality will directly affect the unit’s performance over the year. It is essential to choose a professional and experienced boiler installation service that understands the technicalities of this task.


    New boiler installation begins with understanding the cost and choosing a unit that fits your needs and budget. The proper process involves inspecting the current unit and replacing it if needed. A proper plumber will ensure all connections are in place and safety guidelines intact.

    Boiler Repair Services In Seattle

    So many problems can affect a home’s boiler unit, so our team offers remedies for every issue you can think of. We’ll help you take care of common problems, such as:

    Leaky boilers
    Low pressure
    No hot water or improper heating
    Frozen condensate piping
    The unit is not responding or connecting to the thermostat
    Radiator faultiness
    The pilot light switches repeatedly
    No power to the unit
    The unit breaks down
    Whistling, banging, or gurgling noises emanating from the unit

    Even a new and adequately installed boiler can have issues due to continuous use and wear and tear. Local boiler repair services can fix these issues after a thorough inspection and provide the correct cost for boiler repairs.

    Boiler Replacement

    There comes a time when you cannot keep repairing your equipment, which has served its purpose. This is when you need to replace it.


    A professional plumber will inspect and help you determine when a replacement is needed. Our trained plumbers will consider factors such as the age of your appliance, the number of repairs done, and the extent of the damage.


    They will guide you through selecting the right boiler for your needs and budget, then make the replacement and educate you on the price of the replacement.

    Boiler Maintanence

    Like any other appliance, your boiler will live longer and perform better if adequately maintained. Boiler maintenance services are essential for your boiler’s performance. Our boiler maintenance service is designed to keep your unit running efficiently and your energy bills low.


    The services include regular inspections and minute repairs if required. This ensures you save significant repair costs in the long run.

    Providing You With The Best Plumbing Service

    Fischer Plumbing & Drain Cleaning offers various residential repair and maintenance services. Our expert team of professionals can diagnose and support with plumbing, boiler servicing, drain cleaning, home restoration, heating repairs, air conditioning, electrical work, and more. Whether you’re looking to install a new tap in your bathroom or require expert support with remodeling your entire kitchen, there is no project too big or too small for the Fischer masters. We promise quality workmanship, effective solutions, and professional service quality for every client, every job, and every home. Call us today at 206-279-3322.


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    The amount of time required to fix a boiler depends on several factors, such as the extent of the damage. Sometimes, it can take an hour or two, and other times, it can even take days.

    An average boiler can last up to 15 years if adequately maintained. When you notice it needs too many repairs to keep running, you should replace it to avoid increased energy bills.

    You cannot install your boiler as it is against most building safety regulations. Installing a boiler is a job best left to professional boiler installation services.

    Electric heat pump water heaters are more efficient than other types since they use air and ground heat to keep your hot water running.