Water Heater Replacement & Installation

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    We specialize in water heater repairs, maintenance, installation, and emergency services to ensure uninterrupted hot water for your Seattle home or business throughout the year.

    Water Heater Installation

    Water heater installation is a technical task that requires the services of the best company for water heater repairs and installation. Installation requires considerable knowledge, including understanding local building codes, plumbing design, and the ability to handle potentially dangerous situations such as gas leaks and electrical faults.


    A professional water heater replacement and repair service will first guide you through choosing the perfect unit for your home, including choosing from different sizes and types such as tankless, traditional tank, or heat pump-type ones.


    Once you’ve decided on a type, the installer will remove the old equipment and install the new one by ensuring all the connections, including water, gas, and electricity, are placed correctly and functioning well.

    Water Heater Replacement

    It is common for your unit to get old and become out of order over time. A good heating unit can last 8-12 years. After that, it is more cost-effective and efficient to replace it instead of paying for frequent repairs.


    Water heater replacement is best left to the professionals who will guide you through choosing the best fit for your needs and home. They will carry out a proper replacement of the existing equipment with all new connections safely intact.

    Types Of Water Heaters

    There are different kinds of heating units available in the market. Each has its specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. However, each has one primary purpose: to heat water.


    The different types include storage tank water heaters, tankless water heaters, solar water heaters, and heat pump water heaters.

    A tankless water heater will provide you with hot water on demand, and this type will save you the most energy as it doesn’t store hot water. Storage tanks can be convenient since they always keep a large amount of water heated and available.


    Heat pump water heaters are also very energy efficient since they use the heat from the ground and the air to heat water, and solar water heaters are naturally the most eco-friendly option.

    Warning Signs For Water Heater Replacement

    Pay close attention to your water heater’s performance to determine when your unit needs repair or replacement services. Watch out for the following warning signs:

    • Age. A water heater can last 8-12 years. After this, you need to hire a water heater replacement service to install a unit.
    • Rusty or Discolored Water. A rusting tank can cause this kind of water to run in your tap.
    • Leaks. Any leaks in your unit can indicate it needs a replacement
    • Insufficient Hot Water. A reduced volume of hot water over time can indicate a reduction in the efficiency of your unit.
    • Noise. Unusual noises from your water heater, such as cracking, popping, or rumbling sounds, can indicate sediment buildup and a potential problem.

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    The labor cost of installing a water heater can range between $60 and $200 per hour, depending on whether the unit is tankless or has a storage tank.

    Strange noises, insufficient hot water, foul odors, and old age may be signs that your water heater needs to be replaced immediately.

    Water leaks are the most common problem with water heaters. In the long run, the water can corrode the tank and cause leaks.

    Electric heat pump water heaters are more efficient than other types since they use air and ground heat to keep your hot water running.