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    Drain Cleaning & Repair

    If you are having trouble with your house drains, mainly those underground, you must act fast. Drain problems can cause a lot of damage and inconvenience to your home. Luckily, the choice is clear, and you don’t have to look far for help. At Fischer Plumbing, we offer comprehensive drain cleaning, unclogging, and repair services to customers across the Seattle area. Our reviews often highlight our commitment to excellence.

    Trouble With Drains

    Drain problems can happen to anyone, regardless of how careful they are. Common issues include clogs, slow draining, foul odors, and gurgling sounds. Various factors, including debris buildup, tree roots, and damaged pipes, can cause these problems. If you are experiencing any of these issues, getting them fixed as soon as possible with sewer rooter service and snaking techniques, especially for issues like a plugged sink, is essential. To ensure the longevity of your plumbing system, consider hiring a specialist.

    Curious about the cost for drain cleaning? Fischer Plumbing offers transparent pricing for effective solutions. We understand the inconvenience of a clogged drain, and our expert technicians provide swift and reliable unclog drain services near you. Our hourly rates and professional service make us the best team to hire.

    Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

    Regular drain cleaning, especially for outside drains and gullies, is essential to keeping your pipes in good condition. By removing debris and buildup, you can prevent clogs and other issues. Mopping up after an overflow isn’t something anyone wants. At Fischer Plumbing, we offer professional drain cleaning services that are fast, effective, and affordable. Our septic system services, hydro jet, and water jetting services are particularly effective at removing even the toughest buildup, ensuring that your pipes are clean and clear.

    Video Drain Inspection
    Drain Cleaning
    Drain Repair & Repiping
    Drain Removal & Replacement
    Sewer Video Inspection

    Preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding drain problems in the first place. At Fischer Plumbing, your trusted blocked drain plumber, we offer comprehensive drain maintenance services to help you keep your pipes in top condition. Our expert technicians will inspect your pipes, clean them thoroughly, and make any necessary repairs to ensure that your plumbing system is working properly.

    Drain Repair Services

    At Fischer Plumbing, we offer a wide range of drain repair services, including:

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    Drain Inspection

    We use advanced camera technology to inspect your pipes and locate any problems.

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    Drain Cleaning

    Our expert technicians use a variety of methods to clean your drains, including hydro jet drain cleaning, air techniques, and water jet drain cleaning.

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    Drain Repair & Repiping

    We can repair any damage to your pipes, including cracks and leaks, or repipe if necessary.

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    Drain Removal & Replacement

    If your pipes are beyond repair, or require a remodel, we can replace them with new, high-quality pipes.

    Addressing a cracked drain pipe? Repair costs can be a concern, but opting for trenchless drain pipe repair offers an efficient and cost-effective solution. Fisher Plumbing specializes in minimizing disruptions and expenses with advanced trenchless methods, like rodding and rooting for issues involving tree interference. Our licensed services ensure a swift and durable fix for cracked pipes, making us an industry leader in both residential and industrial plumbing needs.

    Benefits Of Drain Cleaning & Repair


    Regular drain cleaning can prevent clogs from forming, saving you money on repairs and replacement.


    Clean drains allow water to flow freely, preventing backups and overflows.


    By removing buildup and debris, you can extend the life of your pipes and prevent costly repairs.


    Regular drain cleaning and repair can save you money in the long run by preventing costly plumbing issues.

    The Benefits Of Fischer Plumbing Drain Cleaning

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    Knowledge & Expertise
    Our expert technicians have the knowledge and expertise needed to diagnose and repair any type of drain problem.
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    State-Of-The-Art Equipment
    We use cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure that our drain cleaning and repair services are fast, efficient, and effective.
    Guaranteed Results
    We stand behind our work and are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. If you're unsatisfied with our work, we'll do everything possible to make it right.

    Sewer Drain Cleaning Services

    Whether you require a drain sewer cleaning (cleaning out drain pipes) or any drain-related service, Fisher Plumbing is here to assist you.

    Our experienced team specializes in the drain pipe and drain repair near your location. We utilize innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently address any issues that may arise with your drains. Additionally, we are skilled in using drain pipe repair sleeves, which provide a reliable solution to reinforce damaged pipes and prevent leaks.


    Our sewer drain pipe repair services cater to both residential and commercial clients. We offer thorough cleaning of drain sewers and specialize in main drain cleaning to prevent blockages and maintain optimal flow.

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    The cost of drain cleaning can vary depending on several factors, such as the severity of the problem, the size of the pipes, and the location of the issue. Fischer Plumbing offers competitive pricing and flexible payment options to fit any budget. It’s best to contact them for an upfront quote for any services needed.

    Professional contractors use a variety of methods to unclog drains, including hydro jetting, drain cleaning, and water jetting. These methods use high-pressure water to break up clogs and remove pipe debris. They may also use specialized tools such as drain snakes or augers to clear blockages.

    There is no specific month that is best for cleaning drain. Regular residential drain cleaning is recommended as a preventive maintenance measure to avoid clogs and other issues. It’s best to schedule a drain cleaning service with a professional plumbing company like Fischer Plumbing at least once a year to keep your pipes in top condition.

    We recommend calling professional plumbers. If the pipes are still draining, you may be able to remove the clog on your own. One way to try to clear a clogged sewer drain is to create a solution out of vinegar and baking soda. Mix 1/3 cup of each and immediately pour them down the drain lines while they’re still fizzy. The chemical reaction should help break down any build-up that could be causing a sewer clog.

    Cleaning the drainage involves removing debris and obstructions from pipes, ensuring smooth water flow and preventing clogs or backups. For this purpose, drain snake service is usually used.

    1. Experienced technicians: Our team of experienced technicians has the knowledge and expertise needed to handle any type of drain problem.
    2. 24/7 emergency service: We offer 24/7 emergency service to handle any urgent drain repair needs.
    3. Exceptional customer service: We prioritize excellent customer service at Fischer Plumbing. We take t
    4. Experienced technicians: Our team of experienced technicians has the knowledge and expertise needed to handle any type of drain problem.
    5. Environmentally friendly practices: We are committed to using environmentally friendly practices whenever possible, such as using eco-friendly drain cleaners and reducing waste.
    6. Local business: Fischer Plumbing is a locally owned and operated business, which means we are invested in our community and dedicated to providing high-quality services to our neighbors.