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Let us help you unclog your drain with hydrojet drain cleaning in Seattle. At some point every homeowner in Seattle will have clogged drain and sewer line problems. Grease, hair, toilet paper, mineral build-up and even tree roots can prevent the sewer lines and drains from functioning properly, causing overflows or slow drains.

You’ll need prompt service when your drains are clogged. We deliver fast service at affordable rates, and we’ve been serving homes in Seattle for over 35 years. Do not worry about blocked drains and sewers. We’ll do that for you. If the clog is already thick and won’t budge, you might need something stronger and more effective such as a hydrojet and the services of a Fischer professional plumber.

What is a Hydrojet?

Hydrojet is a portable machine that has a high-pressure hose. The specialized nozzle produces very powerful jets of water with enough strength to clear drains and sewer lines. Whatever materials are clinging around the pipes, be it hair build up, minerals, oil and grease or toilet paper and other debris, the power of the water stream from a hydrojet will break them up and force all the materials through the drain. Its nozzle has water outlets that face all directions, so the water jets effectively cut through all the debris clinging to the surface of the pipes as it passes through. The hydrojet is also very effective in cleaning storm drains where leaves, tree limbs and other debris accumulate after a heavy downpour. If there is already a tree root mass growing there, the pressure from the hydrojet will tear it down to bits.

Hydrojetting Process

Most DIY-ers and professional plumbers are familiar with plungers and plumbing snakes, which are easy to use and effective in removing minor clogs. Thicker and stronger clogs need to be removed with something more effective. The powerful blast of pressurized water coming from a hydrojet has the force to break down the most stubborn of clogs when done properly. In most cases the powerful spray will not damage the surface of drain and sewer pipes. The nozzle fittings and the amount of water pressure vary depending on the size of the drain pipe and the amount of sludge. A typical model can release water with pressure between 1,500 to 4,000 pounds per minute while larger systems can produce pressure from 35,000 to 40,000 pounds per minute. Nozzles come in 1.5-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch diameter.

A professional plumber will not readily recommend that a hydrojet be used to unclog your drains. The drain needs initial inspection, which is done by sending a small video camera to see if the drain pipes are damaged. Damaged pipes may not be able to withstand the high water pressure.

Hydrojetting Benefits

A hydrojet is an effective drain declogger, but it is not for DIY-ers. It is a professional tool that should be used by a professional plumber to ensure that no damage is done to your plumbing system. Get the benefits from hydrojet drain cleaning in Seattle.

Cleans As It Declogs

With a hydrojet, removing clogs from drain pipes becomes easier and quicker. It leaves the inside of pipes cleaner as well, which will delay the recurrence of sewer clogs. It is also able to break down tree roots that manage to make it through your pipes. Hydrojet is effective in cleaning floor drains, lavatory sinks, sewer lines, showers, tubs, laundry lines and blocked kitchen drains.

Provides consistent and accurate cleaning

You do not have to dig up the yard to clean underground drain pipes. The water coming from the nozzle is directed at different angles at a consistent pressure, reaching deep into the pipe line, ensuring that the entire sewer system is clear and clean.

Removes Residual Debris Efficiently

The powerful water jet stream penetrates deeper. It is able to breakdown and remove all obstructions including minerals, rocks, roots and other materials that stubbornly cling around the pipes’ interior. A professional plumber can use the correct nozzle size and appropriate water pressure to flush out all the debris without any pipe damage.

Removes Bacteria

The force of the water stream from a hydrojet is enough to remove any bacteria settling in kitchen and bathroom drains that cause foul smells. You’ll have fresh and clean drain pipes after hydrojetting.

Environment-friendly and more economical

Hydro-jetting thoroughly cleans drain and sewer lines, which means that it will take longer before you require another declogging service. The process only uses water. No chemicals are needed, so you do not harm your pipes and the environment.

Talk to a professional plumber for hydrojet drain cleaning services in Seattle.


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