True Or False: Plumbing Myths

When it comes to plumbing myths (think Mario the Plumber) many are really more old wives tales than truth. And, if you don’t know what it is when you see a leak or hear a gurgling in your walls, you could be setting yourself up for trouble – and a very large repair bill.


Here are eight common plumbing myths:

Placing A Brick In The Back Of Your Toilet Bowel

Not so! Bricks belong on houses, sidewalks, or pretty fireplaces, not in the toilet! Doing so is a good way to break your flapper, requiring you to flush twice and wasting water. Bricks also tend to crumble and deteriorate over time. Leave them out of your toilet tank to reduce water costs.

Bleach-Containing Toilet Tablet Will Keep My Toilet Fresh

Nope, because the heavy bleach concentration will destroy your toilet’s inner workings in about six months. OK use bleach in a toilet bowl cleaner, but don’t let it sit in the toilet bowl for more than about eight minutes.  Squirt, swish, and flush is a better rule of thumb.

Water Heaters Are About To Explode If You Hear A Loud Gurgling Or Rumbling Noise

Probably not. Remain calm. What is probably happening is the sediment from hard water is being moved around inside your water heater near the burner on the bottom, and it is causing loud noises, which is really air popping because it cannot rise to the top due to the sentiment blocking the way. Best to have a plumber come out and drain and flush your water heater on a regular basis.

Lemon Peels Will Make Your Sink Smell Good

This is true, but we don’t recommend it unless you have a very powerful garbage disposal. We recommend a homemade mixture of vinegar and a bit of baking soda, completely dissolved, being poured down the drain to keep it fresh smelling.

Flushable Wipes Can Go Down The Toilet

Wow—this is a tough one! They can be, but we do not encourage their use. They can cause major clogging issues. They are true they are more biodegradable than, say, a wet sock, but not much better. Flushable wipes have the potential to back up your entire system. Don’t waste your money.

A Slow Leaking Faucet Is Not A Problem

FALSE! Anytime there is a dripping that won’t stop, you are hiking up your water bill, wasting water, and causing wear and tear on your faucet and plumbing fixtures. If you can’t fix a leak yourself, call in a professional plumber and the reinforcements to tend to it. Don’t wait!

Using A Plunger To Unclog Your Sink Is Okay

Not always, so use caution, especially if you have a double sink. One sink may clear only to back up the other sink, and splash-back from plunging can be very dangerous and cause irreversible skin damage or worse if you are using a commercial drain cleaner with chemicals.  NEVER plunge once; see the blockage clear, and plunge again. Use a non-chemical cleaner first; don’t assume you have fixed the problem. We highly recommend you do not put chemicals down your drain.

It's Ok To Put Hot Grease Down The Sink Because It's Liquid

Never, is what we say. Wipe the grease with a paper towel and put it in the garbage can. Hot grease can coat your pipes, and when it dries, it causes a real mess, like a burst pipe or worse.


Not sure what to do when water problems arise in your home? Call a trusted plumber.

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