10 Easiest Ways to Lower Water Bill & Save Your Money

10 Easiest Ways to Lower Water Bill & Save Your Money


Here at Fischer Plumbing, we don’t like that saying and always looking to advise people on how to lower water bills and save the monthly costs. Here is our no-brainer checklist of things you can do around the house and yard to be sure you are saving time, money, and aggravation.

There are a lot of ways that contribute to the water bill, that might help you to reduce the amount of your monthly water bill costing and the easiest 10 are mentioned below.

1. Check Toilet for Leaking & Broke

Sometimes your bathroom may be a place from where you may water bills are rising up. The most common water-wasting issues are related to your toilet leaking.

No worries, you can detect it yourself by purchasing some dye tablets at a home improvement store. Just drop it in the toilet tank and see if the dye seeps into the bowl. If it does, you’ve got yourself a leak. Keep in mind a leaky toilet can waste as much as 500 gallons of water each day says the National Sanitation Foundation.

Also, check the ball cock, the mechanism that controls the flushing system. For about $15 you can get one at your local hardware store, complete with simple directions on how to install it yourself.

2. Fix Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are not the most constant faucet but before a year or two. Normally broken faucets lose little drops of water at a time. But stretching this issue for long can fill your water bills up. You can call for a quick plumbing service for installing a new faucet or get the existing one fixed.

3. Run Heavy Laundry

Have you ever focused on how much water run out while you were doing your laundry at home? Sometimes we use 2 or 3 water buckets like quantity water in our washing machine just to wash a few clothes. To avoid having continuous laundry and wastage of water you should collect a bulk of dirty clothes and try to wash them at once.

4. Shorter or Limit Showers

According to research, unusual showers waste 17% of the home water. No doubt, those satisfying showers feel good at that moment, but on the other hand, they took a large volume of water for a bath. To save money on water bills try to limit the showers or use a bucket for baths. Do you know a perfect bath can be taken with a 75% filled water bucket?

5. Adjust Water Temperature from the Stove

Avoid using water for cooking and drinking from the faucets and rather use the stove as an alternative. Because rapidly heading and cooling water from faucets can raise a heavy monthly water bill. For drinking, you can store water in the fridge.

6. Check If Your Pipes Are Clogged

Clogging of pipes is the most natural issue that leads to water backing up and overflowing, resulting in a large amount of water wastage, hence raising your water bills. To save your water bills you can unclog clogged pipes using environmentally friendly homemade drain cleaners, or commercial drain cleaners.

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7. Wash Dishes Efficiently

Washing dishes with water is a common work, done in homes daily. Still, what will be the best way to lower water bills. You should use a dishwasher that uses less water to instantly wash dishes, else you can fill the kitchen sink with dishwasher soap rather than letting the water run and drain continuously.

8. Installing Shower Heads

Showerheads are designed to lessen the flow of water in order to deliver an efficient water supply in the shower. If your shower is inefficient, you can replace it with a more adjustable showerhead. Through it, you can adjust the water’s low-flow and high-flow efficiency.

9 . Water Your Lawn At The Right Time

Water your lawn at the right time with the right amount of water. Try watering your lawn in the morning or the time just before the evening. It is the best suitable time hence, it will save a lot of water from getting evaporated.

Consider using saved rainwater that you collect in rain barrels (plenty of that in the Seattle area) or greywater – water that is not consumable from cooking, leftover drinking water, or shower water that is not hot yet (just collect it in a tub or vat.)

10. Replace that Old Water Heater

Reduce your water bill with a tankless hot water heater; one of the best ways to reduce water costs. Your water will heat faster and only when you need it – that’s why it is called an “on-demand” water heater. Water and energy savings in one fell swoop!

There are many ways to reduce your water costs and at Fischer Plumbing we applaud our customers who recycle, reuse and are creative and frugal with their water usage. Try some of these easy tips yourself and let us know if you see a difference in your water bill.

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