How To Unclog Your Shower Drain

If your shower drain has standing water or is draining slowly, it’s a sign of a clogged drain. Clogs are often caused by hair, soap scum, or other debris in the shower drains. Mostly, shower drains slow down when they get blocked by hair.


Hair falling while washing or shaving in the shower can lead to clogged shower drains. Other possible reasons can be a buildup of dirt, bathroom products, minerals in the water, or tree roots growing in the underground pipes through tiny cracks. If the clog is not removed, the water will not drain properly and will overflow.

A Clogged Shower Drain can be a headache for homeowners. Hence, it is important to know how to unclog a shower drain at home. In this article, we are going to read about the best ways to unclog a shower drain.

What To Do Before Using Any Method To Clean A Shower Drain

  • Check for any obstruction visible blocking your shower drain. Check for clumps of hairs, which usually block the water from draining.
  • Check the space between the drain stopper and drain pipe for any material clogging the drain. If you suspect any blockage material, clean it and check the drain flow.

If you suspect any clogged material and have cleaned the drain, run the water to check if it is flowing properly. If the drain is still blocking the water, then it’s time to use the unclogging methods.

How To Unclog A Shower Drain

Pour Boiling Water Into The Shower Drain

Shampoo and soap can cause a gunky buildup to clog your shower drain. To combat the problem, boil a pot of water on the stove and slowly pour it down the drain.

  • Boil some amount of water on the stove
  • Pour it into the drain using a funnel or any bathroom accessory that might help to pour.
  • Check for the clearance of clog or repeat the steps again.

While this tip might not work for all types of clogs (such as matted hair), the hot water can dissolve most soaps fairly quickly. Try this method first to see if it unclogs the drain, and if not, it’s time to move on to another method.

Unclog The Shower Drain With A Plumber

You may have a question in mind that how to fix a clogged shower drain with a plunger? as this is not some usual tool used by homeowners. A plunger is one of the most effective tools mostly used by professional plumbers for plunging the drain and it is something that may not be available at your home.

  • Remove the drain cover or stopper, put the round rubber cup over the drain opening, and start plunging until the clog clears.
  • Apply some petroleum jelly around the plunger’s rubber cup If you’re having trouble getting a good seal.
  • Then run enough water in the shower stall to cover the lip of the cup.
  • Continue plunging the drain until you see a clear drain opening.
Baking Soda & Vinegar (Natural Alernate Of Chemicals)

People who do not like using chemicals can use baking soda and vinegar recipes to unclog the shower drain naturally.

  • Take two tablespoons of baking soda
  • Mix it with the same quantity as vinegar
  • Now pour the mixture down the drain and let it settle
  • Wait for at least 10 minutes
  • Now pour some hot water to flush down the drain

Remember, the mixture of baking soda and vinegar, along with hot water, will only help dissolve mild clogs.

Try A Plumber's Snake

Plumbers snake is one of the best clog-removing tools, and it is mostly used by plumbing professionals. It is easy to use and very much effective.

  • To snake the shower drain, push the snake down the drain slowly. Don’t stop until you have touched the clogged material.
  • Twist the handle of the snake and try to stick the clog around the plumber’s snake auger. When you feel the handle is getting harder to turn, push it out of the drain.
  • Start turning the handle of the snake until you bring the clog out of the drain. Once you’re done, run some water to test the drain and confirm that the clog is removed completely.
Manual Removal

You can remove the clogged material from the shower drain using your hands carefully. You may require to wear latex or rubber gloves before starting removing the clog.

  • Remove the drain cover, look for any screws to unscrew, and then identify the clog blocking the drain.
  • Check if you find any clogged hairs or other material within reach.
  • Use your fingers while wearing a glove to pull out the clog as much as possible.


Use A Hanger As A Hook

Using Hanger as a hook to clear the shower drain is a flexible way to solve the problem. Look into your closet grab any old or unused hanger and try to use it as a hook. (Note: Don’t use any corroded hanger without wearing safety gloves)

  • Take out a hanger from your closet, straighten it, and keep the hook as it is. Now, bend the other end of the hanger and make a handle you can grip while hooking out the clog from the drain.
  • Put the hook side of the hanger into the drain After reaching close to the clog, jiggle the hanger up and down to hook out the clog.
  • Take out the hanger with some amount of clogged material and repeat the process.
Call A Professinal To Unclog The Drain

A clogged shower drain can be frustrating and a headache for homeowners, which is why it’s important to fix the clogged shower drain as soon as possible. The above tips can help you unclog minor Shower drains at home. For heavy drain clog problems, you need drain and sewer unclogging experts. Call Fischer Plumbing professionals at (206)-279-3322 or request an estimate online today.