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Your biggest asset, your home, is also a big responsibility. Keeping it in good condition takes time and effort. What happens when an emergency pops up? Are you prepared? This is the first of a four part series about plumbing emergency tips that are handy to know...

When it comes to plumbing myths (think Mario the Plumber) there are many that are really more old wives tales than truth. And, if you don't know what is what when you see a leak or hear a gurgling in your walls, you could be...

Fun Facts About Seattle

Summer is officially here. Hopefully your drains are running smoothly, your toilets are flushing without an issue, and you are enjoying the warmer weather so many of us love. Here at Fischer Plumbing, Seattle is our home base.  We thought you would like to know these 20 fun facts about Seattle and our city's rich history. So, here's some trivia to share with your friends.
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