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Have you been experiencing puddles and sewage water coming up in your yard? Mold and other signs like bad smell in your home? Chances are you have a sewer line problem. We understand the frustration and challenges of a slow or damaged sewer line.

The more you wait to inspect these issues, the worse your problem can get. If left unchecked, a faulty sewer line is capable of damaging the very foundation of your property. So, it's always best to watch out for the signs and mitigate the damage as soon as possible.

This article will walk you through identifying a sewer line problem and how a professional sewer repair service like Fischer Plumbing can provide a long-lasting and durable solution for your faulty sewer line.













Sewer pipes serve a single goal, to ensure that all the wastewater from the house's drainage system is drained away from home and into the main sewer line of your living area. Damage and problems with these pipes can lead to issues like mold accumulation, foul odors, slow drainage, cracks in your home's foundation, etc.

These are issues that you cannot ignore as they can directly impact the quality of your living and are costly to repair if significant damages occur.

It's important that as soon as you start experiencing any signs of sewer line damage, you need to contact a professional sewer repair service to inspect and repair the problem immediately.

Here is a list of the most common sewer repair services offered by Fischer Plumbing that you can take advantage of:


Sewer Cleanup

Sewer backup is one issue you don't want to face. It's a mini flood in your house. All this water can get pooled up in your house. A clog or an object in your sewer line can prevent wastewater from being drained from your house.

You can imagine the results include your precious items and electronics getting soaked in water and being damaged. This water is also full of hazardous materials and can cause health issues.

It is important that sewage backup is cleaned immediately and expertly to avoid major property and health damage. We have our own Sewer Repair Cleanup experts as part of our restoration division, it’s called, please call them directly and schedule time for an estimate if you need immediate sewer cleanup.

Cleaning sewage backup is a steady and meticulous process. It involves carefully removing all water and sanitizing affected spaces. We are certified professional sewer repair professionals and will clear out the mess and also repair the damage that caused it in the first place.

Here are some main reasons why sewage backup can happen. Knowing these will help you prevent these issues:

  • Clogs in a sewer line
  • Tree roots in the sewer line
  • Leakage in sewer pipes
  • Old age of pipes

Regular sewer maintenance and rootering will ensure that these issues are ruled out timely and professionals will also help you with tips and tricks to avoid the above listed issues.

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Sewer Drain Cleaning

Home and building owners know that sewer lines and their health is important. However, it's quite easy to forget about the sewage system unless there is a clog or a drainage issue. Sewage backups are messy, and any major damage in the sewage system can cost you a lot of money to repair. Sewer line replacement is even costlier.

There is no predicting when a sewer line will get clogged, but if you keep an eye out for the warning signs, you'll be able to stop the blockage in time. Once you notice any of the following signs - it's time to call a sewer repair and cleaning service to clear out your sewage system:

  • Water backing up from toilets and drains
  • Percolation from the toilet when washing machine water is drained
  • Isolated backups in a certain sink or bathroom
  • Slow to drain sinks and bathtubs

It is best to call a sewer repair and cleaning service to inspect the cause of the blockage and determine how to clean it. Your sewer line may also need some repairs afterward, which we can take care of.

Water Main Installation

In many ways, the main water line is the lifeline of your house or building, supplying water from the main supply to the smaller pipes in your property. Any damage to this main line can wreak havoc on your property in the form of flooding and creating swampy conditions in your yard.

Water main lines are tricky and need time and specialized equipment to work with. So whether it is water main line installation, repairs, or maintenance, you will need to call a professional to take care of it.


Here is a brief synopsis of all the steps involved in this process:

  • Excavation. A passage is dug to install the pipe.
  • Trench Depth. This is the narrow excavation made below the ground and is determined by the pipe size, traffic and other factors.
  • Trench Width. This step determines the width of the trench depending on the size of the pipe and safety protocols.
  • Bedding. Clearing and creating space to lay down the pipe.
  • Laying the Pipe. The pipe is placed into position at this stage.
  • Joining the Pipe. Joining pipe parts together to prevent leakage and smooth function.
  • Push on Joints. The process of creating push on joints in the pipe.
  • Connecting to Existing Main Pipes. Connecting pipes either via Tee connections or pressure taps.

Sewer Video Inspection

It can be super frustrating knowing that the sewer line has issues but not being able to identify where and what it is. This is where technology can come to your rescue.

We have cameras called sewer scope cameras that can reach down into your pipes and help identify the root cause of the blockage.

These inspections are relatively affordable and can be done within a day, and quickly help professionals see what the cause of blockage is.

A professional will insert a high-definition camera at the end of a fiber optic cable in the bathtub or sink drains connected to the main line.

You may be tempted to get a camera and try this out yourself. However, remember that this requires knowledge of how sewer pipes are laid down and what possible causes can be.

Sewer video inspections help professionals save time and money by identifying the root cause of the problem. A camera inspection will tell them exactly what needs to be done to repair or clear out your sewer line.

Shared Side Sewer Repair

In most old homes, a shared side sewer is sometimes used. This is a sewer line that is shared by one or two houses and collectively drains their wastewater into the main sewage system.

Shared side sewer pipes can come with their complications, and because it impacts more than one property, these issues need to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Damages and leaks in a shared side sewer pipe can create problems for your property. It can cause sewer backups and swamp-like conditions in your yard. If you and your neighbors experience shared side sewer issues, it is best you call a professional sewer repair service.

We can handle everything from installation to repair and replacement.

Sewer Repair Locating

Locating your sewer line is actually the very first step in carrying out major repairs and replacements. Even with blueprints and maps provided by the city, it isn't easy to find them. The best option is to engage Fischer Plumbing..

We are equipped with the latest technology to identify the location of the sewer without tearing apart the ground above it. A camera or similar device is sent down the line to locate the sewer, and a radio transmitter is used to communicate the exact location.

Once the exact location is identified, it's quite clear where Fischer Plumbing will need to dig. This saves unnecessary digging at the wrong places. So, remove the guesswork from the process and let the professionals handle it.

Tree Roots Removal

Tree roots look for food and water sources, and your sewer line is a great source of water. It takes a tiny crack in the pipe for these roots to permeate your sewer line and then wreak havoc in your sewage system.

These growing tree roots inside your sewage system can cause major issues like cracks, damage, and bursts. These must be removed immediately.

You can use natural tree root killers like rock salt and copper sulfate crystals as natural remedies. However, it is recommended that you have us look at the extent of the tree root spread and the damage done to the sewage line.

Professionals can use methods like hydro-jet plumbing to effectively remove the tree roots and their sediments from the sewer line.

Regular maintenance is also a great way to ensure tree roots don't creep into your sewer.


Trenchless Sewer Repair

Clogged sewer lines are problems that can be fixed easily. However, a broken sewer line can be a huge problem because it requires the ground around the sewer to be dug up, which is not fun.

Trenchless sewer repair can save you from this hassle. It's a non-invasive way of digging up walls and ground and removing sewer line pipes in a building. This method replaces the line with a new pipe by hosting it in the broken one.

This is called sewer relining, and it ensures an even more flexible and durable solution where water flows without any leakages from the damaged areas.

Even if complete relining isn't possible, another form of trenchless repair can fix the issue by inserting a new pipe through the old and broken ones.

Trenchless repair services are much less invasive and cost less than traditional sewer repairs. You should contact us to carry out this procedure instead of trying to do it yourself.

Long before your sewage lines are damaged beyond repair, you will start noticing certain signs and symptoms of damage to your sewer repair. Let's look at some apparent indications that you should watch out for:


  • Backups and Blockages.Sewer backups are messy. If you start experiencing blockages and backups every time you flush your toilets or try to drain water, chances are, there is a problem in the main line. If the problem is with one isolated drain, then the issue is likely to be in that drain instead of the main line.

    If you are experiencing regular blockages, slow drainage, and backups, it's time to call Fischer Plumbing.

  • Mold. If your sewer line is leaking, the break can cause mold to develop in your walls. There are mold species that really need a 55% humidity level to grow. If you see a mold problem developing around the house and other symptoms, it's time to have your sewer lines inspected for possible damage.
  • Sewer Gas Odor. Is your house or property smelling strange? Foul order is a definite tell-tale sign of a crack in your sewage system somewhere. Sewers are airtight. Unless there is a crack in your lines, you should never be able to smell sewer odor in your house.
  • Lush Green Patches Yard. Have you noticed any extra green and lush patches in your yard? Chances are, the sewer line below that area has a crack.

    Wastewater in sewer lines is full of nutrients and fertilizers for plants. These extra nutrients can promote healthier growth in the grass and soil above the damaged area.

  • Lawn indents and Under Pavers. A damaged sewer line constantly keeps the ground saturated and wet, which can cause an indentation in your yard or lawn and under pavers. Soil dissipation is typical in areas where sewer lines are cracked.

    If you start seeing indentations in your yard, it's time to have a professional come and take a look at your sewer lines. They will probably assess the damage by sending a sewer scope camera down the main line to locate the source of the leakage.

  • Sinkholes, Foundation Cracks, and Settlements. Sewer damage can be devastating for your property's foundation. If you start seeing cracks in your foundation and other kinds of damage like sinkholes, there is a chance your sewer line is damaged.

    If a crack in the main sewer line is ignored and goes untreated long enough, it can cause the ground beneath your foundations to become soft and sagging. This can lead to cracks in the foundation, settlement, or sinkholes.

    Fixing these issues is essential. Otherwise, you will have to deal with a faulty foundation, which is dangerous for the inhabitants of the property and very costly for you to repair.

    Feel free to call us during normal business hours so we can have a technician come out for an evaluation today.

  • Rodent Issues. Rodents can cause sewer line damage and also indicate prior damage. A crack in the sewer line is what allows them to enter your sewer line in the first place. From there onward, it's a vicious cycle of them ruining your sewer pipes further.
  • Pooling of Septic Waste in Yar. This one will be pretty obvious. You will see a pool of septic wastewater in your yard. This could happen due to a crack in the main line, clogs in the drain lines, or a broken septic tank. The pool will generally be right above where the damage is.

    You need a proper inspection by professionals to determine the location of this leakage and stop it. This can damage your yard and create swamp-like conditions with a foul odor.

  • Insects. Have you started seeing these pesky little beings around the house? Cockroaches, sewer flies, and palmetto bugs can easily get into your home from cracks in the sewer line. These insects have adverse health effects because they bring diseases and germs with them.

    It's best to call pest control, but you also have to eliminate the source of the infestation, which includes having your sewer line inspected and repaired. Otherwise, there is no getting rid of the insect situation either.

  • Slow Drainage. This is one you can easily ignore, but it's best to pay attention to the speed of drainage in your building. What starts as sluggish drainage slowly turns into a sewage backup. Instead of using chemical products in your drains that may damage the pipe or trying DIY solutions that will work only temporarily, call a professional to inspect the cause.

    A professional sewer and drain cleaning service will be able to identify the cause of the slow drainage and recommend the appropriate fix.

  • Gurgling in Toilets. Are you all too familiar with your toilet gurgling? If your sewer line has issues and isn’t draining wastewater properly, your toilet will start backing up.

    One major sign of this is gurgling in the toilet. This can be accompanied by foul odor. If left unchecked, this issue can result in your toilet flooding. This is one kind of mess you need to avoid.

    If you hear any gurgling sounds or see percolation from the toilets in your home or office, it's time to have a sewer repair professional take a look at your sewer lines.

  • Sinking in Concrete Slabs. Have you been noticing any concrete sinking around the garage, sidewalks or your driveway? Chances are that the sewer line underneath these areas is damaged. A leak can saturate the soil below the concrete slabs and make the foundation ground go soft.

    This softness contributes to the slabs sinking. The result is unleveled sidewalks and driveways. It's best to call a professional team to inspect the sewer lines for any leaks that may be causing this before you have to make costly repairs to the concrete slabs.


Knowing the signs and symptoms of sewer line damage is great. However, the key is to engage a professional sewer repair service like Fischer plumbing immediately so you can stop the damage in time and have them make the necessary repairs.

Ignoring the above-mentioned signs can lead to costlier solutions and even replacements in some cases.

Have you been experiencing any of these signs and symptoms of sewer line damage? Here is what you should do:

Call fischer plumbing


Check out the problem


Estimate to problem


Fix the issue


What is sewer repair?

Fischer Plumbing offers a number of different sewer repair solutions that include:

  • Sewer Cleanup
  • Sewer Drain Cleaning
  • Water Main Installation
  • Sewer Video Inspection
  • Shared Side Sewer Repair
  • Sewer Repair Locating
  • Tree Roots Removal
  • Trenchless Sewer Repair

If you ignore these issues, it won’t be long before you will need a new sewer line causing a number of problems that could cost you a lot.

Dial (206)-337-2406 to get instant served Seattle sewer repair contractors serving the area.



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  1. All your drains are backing up at once. If you flush the toilet and the toilet, sink, and shower drains all spit up water, there’s a clog in a main
    pipe somewhere.
  2. Weird things are happening when you use your toilet. We’re talking toilet water bubbling, gurgling sounds when you flush, or backed-up
    water in the shower after flushing your toilet.
  3. Your lawn starts to change. Indentations in your yard may indicate a break in the line or a sagging pipe. Changes to your grass are also a big
    red flag. Soggy patches or extra green, lush patches mean sewage is probably coming up from the pipes below and fertilizing your lawn.
  4. It smells. This is an obvious one. If it smells like sewage, it’s probably sewage.
  5. You’re growing mold. Leaking sewage pipes mean moisture in places you don’t want moisture. This can cause fungi and mold to grow in
    seemingly strange areas of your home. If you notice a mold spot, look for other signs of sewer damage.
  6. Your drains are slow. If your drains are slow to… well, drain… you’re on your way to a larger clog. Don’t use chemical drain cleaners, which can
    ultimately make the situation much worse by corroding your pipes. Try natural alternatives or calling in the pros. It’s worth it!
  7. You have a pest infestation. Remember the sewer rats? If you start seeing evidence of a rodent infestation, they might be coming in from your
    sewage pipes. Same with bugs like cockroaches. These pests are great at finding little cracks to wiggle through, especially underground where
    your sewer pipes are!


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