3 Types Of Water Damage You Don’t Need In Your Home

3 Types Of Water Damage You Don’t Need In Your Home

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When you think about all the water that runs through pipes in your home, think about what would happen if they weren’t in tip-top shape. Here are three types of water damage that can be easily prevented.

Imagine you throw in a load of laundry and head out to run some errands. While you are gone, one of the machine hoses explodes. Water and soap suds come streaming out and before you know it, you have a flood on your hands. Water damage at its worst because you aren’t there to shut off the machine.

What to do – how could this be prevented?

The fix is easy – don’t overload your machine. An over-worked washing machine, on a regular basis, is a ticking time bomb. Follow the manufacturer’s advice and don’t stuff it just to save time.

Toilet Troubles

Fischer Plumbing Toilet Repair

Need we say more? At one time or another you will have water damage caused by an overflowing toilet. Never a pretty sight and what a mess to clean up.

A toilet fail can not only cause you distress, but it can cost you big bucks, sometimes in excess of $5,000 to clean up the water damage, especially if the toilet is on an upper level of your home and the water leaks through the ceiling.

The fix?

Regular maintenance which means a visual inspection of the flush valve, the water supply, and the toilet fill.

Is the handle sticking? Go to a local home supply store and buy replacement parts.

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Plumbing System Failure

Leak detection services Fischer Plumbing

Keeping in mind that water pipes run through walls, ceilings, and floors; pretty much all over your home, think about how old those pipes are.  Summer turns to fall and before you know it, winter is upon us here in Seattle and the possibility of a frozen pipe every now and then is real.

Real trouble for you if the pipe decides to burst. System failure due to rust, a small puncture, or a blockage can spell not only disaster, but expense and excessive water damage.

What to do?

A visual check of pipes that are not easy to get to is in order. Be aware of creaks or unusual noises coming from inside the walls when the water is running. If you live in an older home, have one of our professionals come out annually to do a thorough inspection.

Water damage can be devastating. At Fischer Plumbing we want to be sure your home; your number one investment, remains free of water where it doesn’t belong!

For the past 30 years we have serviced the Seattle area and the East Side. Call anytime if you need us.

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