How to Increase Water Pressure in Shower?

how to increase shower water pressure

If you start your day with a shower, chances are you’re at least partially relying on it waking you up. After a lot of questions asked for How to Increase Water Pressure in Shower?, Fischer Plumbing experts have decided to write all the best ways to fix low water pressure in shower?

If you suffer from low water pressure, then your shower is not doing the job properly. The problem isn’t always to do with the house and the pipes; in fact, you may be putting up with sub-par pressure when a simple fix or equipment swap can solve all your problems.

Why is Water Pressure Low In Shower?

Before we proceed towards how to improve water pressure in shower? it's important to think about what are the causes of low water pressure. This knowledge will help you to understand the procedure you need to follow to fix the problem.

The first reason for Low Water Pressure problems can be related to plumbing problems. It can be caused due to any blockages or leaks in the plumbing system. Make sure to check the plumbing system in your house or apartment is functioning properly and isn't causing the low water pressure issues.

Another reason can happen due to the old main pipes which supply water to the houses. This normally happens in the cities where it is harder for the local authorities to upgrade the main water pipes. Old water pipes mean having low water pressure in the houses.

Some other reasons can be, people who are living in rural areas where the water supply for houses came from well. And in this case, a broken or faulty water pump may also rise the low water pressure supply.

Alternatively, if you live in a rural area, your water may come from a well. In this case, a broken or faulty pump may be the reason for your low water pressure.

Now we know that the water pressure depends on how it is supplied, which makes the low water pressure in shower issue easy to be fixed.

Let's begin with how to fix water pressure in shower and how to get more water pressure in shower.

How to Increase Water Pressure in Your Shower?

There are several things you do to improve the water pressure in the shower and most of the tips will cost you nothing.

Go through our prepared list and find the most inexpensive way through it to improve the water pressure in your shower.

1. Blame The Showerhead

By law, many showerheads are designed to lessen the flow of water in order to deliver only a certain amount per minute. This is all well and good, but many times the principle might be taken a bit too far resulting in low water pressure.

blocked showerhead

How to Fix :

A simple way to increase the water pressure in the showerhead is to purchase a new shower head – they’re inexpensive items – and look for the washer inside. This is designed to restrict the water flow, but you can widen this with a drill until the water flows properly.

This may solve the problem of a stingy showerhead, but if there’s an actual problem you might have to dig deeper. The head is the first place to look if you’re having pressure problems. Often the inside can become clogged, and this requires removing the head and cleaning out whatever may be causing the blockage. Showerheads are usually easy to screw off and on and don’t require a multitude of special tools.


2. Faulty Pipes

If clearing the showerhead doesn’t produce results, then the problem may be with the pipe itself. A galvanized pipe is one that is coated in molten zinc, and they are often no longer used in newer homes. This is because, over time, they may corrode and causes leakages, which can lead to most of the water escaping before it even gets to your shower.

The zinc in the pipe will corrode and rust, falling off the walls of the pipe and blocking the way. This may lead to water with a faint tinge of copper, as the flow has to pass through mounds of rusted metal.

faulty pipes lower the water pressure in shower

How to Fix:

Rust inside the pipes isn’t especially harmful; you may wish to install tap filters for drinking water, but otherwise, you can keep using water in the same way as you have been. This is only short-term, however, and you’ll eventually need to have the pipes replaced, especially if your shower is suffering from low-pressure. Different pipes suit different types of houses, with copper being appropriate in some cases and other materials – polyethylene, for example – suit others.


3. Check for A Flow Restrictor

Recently flow restrictors are introduced into the designs by showerhead manufacturers, to complete the requirement of the National Energy Act in the USA which was brought in to help the customers to reduce their water supply bills and to help the environment.

Flow Restrictors contain small holes that reduce the flow of water supply, maintaining a moderate pressure of water passing through the showerhead.

flow restrictors for shower head decreases the water pressure

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How to Fix:

If the water pressure in the shower is still not fixed then you should try to remove the flow restrictor. You can read the standard manual that came with your shower head or if you have lost it then you can go through the how-to remove flow restrictor from the shower head video. Check the water flow after removing the flow restrictor for the problem fix.


4. Check for Kinks

The kinks can also be one of the reasons for low water pressure. Checking for any kinks present in the hose or water line can be a smart move.

kinks can reduce the water pressure

How to Fix:

If you have a flexible water line supplying water to your bathroom shower, make sure it is not twisted because it will make the water pressure very low.


5. Check The Valve

If you have recently called a plumber to your house to fix any other water issues, then you should check for the house main water valve in your house or the water valve that is supplying water to the bathroom shower. Sometimes plumbers left or forgot to turn the water valve fully on and that can make the water pressure low.

water supply valve

How to Fix:

To increase water pressure in shower make sure the water valve of your house is fully open.


6. Check for Leaks

Leaking water supply pipes can reduce the amount of water that reaches your shower. Also, leaking of water pipes installed in the housewalls can damage the walls and will cost you a lot to be fixed.

water pipe leak

How to Fix:

Check the water pipes for any leaks and call the plumbing professionals if you found one to fix it.


7. Hot And Cold Water Valve Shut Off

Sometimes the low water pressure issue can happen with the Hot and Cold water supply of the shower. Maybe one of them is supplying low water pressure in the shower.

hot water valve shut-off

How to Fix:

If you have both hot and cold water supply in your shower and one of them is not supplying high-pressure water. Then you should check the hot and cold water shut-off valves in your house and make sure they both are fully open. 


8. A New Shower Pump

If you have checked all the issues listed above and reached here, then we are quite sure you haven't found your solution yet.

The other reason for low water pressure in shower can be the shower pump. A shower pump is used to increase the water pressure in shower.

shower pump can increase the water pressure of shower

How to Fix: 

If your shower is not working properly then you should install a new shower pump. Installing a new shower pump is not costly. 

If you don't know how to replace the old shower pump then calling a professional plumber is possibly a good idea.


9. Taking Shower In Off-Hours

As an example, if you found that your shower is not providing pressured water in the morning. Then the reason might be that everyone in your area is using water for bathing, washing cars or cooking in the morning which can lower the supply of water in your house.

shower during off hours

How to Fix:

Try to take shower in the off-hours when you are sure that no one is using the water in your area.


10. Check the Appliances

Using water home appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, or watering the plants at the same time can decrease the supply of water to your bathroom.

appliances that consumes water

How to Fix:

Try not to use all the home appliances related to water use at the same time or take your shower before using any other appliances.

Inexpensive Ways to Increase the Water Pressure in Shower

In some cases, you may find some issues which are easily fixable and are inexpensive. For example, replacing the showerhead or valve. If the problem goes beyond a faulty showerhead, you may need to call a professional plumber – but at least you can determine the cause of the problem yourself, and know exactly what needs to be done.


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