Central heating is a concept which existed centuries ago. The earliest known invention which relates to it was invented by Romans. This invention, called a hypocaust, uses a heat source underneath the floors while flues and chimneys push the exhaust through walls and other areas of the dwelling. Today, the modern home gas furnace remains to be the most popular heating appliance for households around the country.


Modern furnaces used today are manufactured from a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and fiberglass. Stainless steel is favored because of corrosion resistance and is typically used in making heat exchangers. Burners, frames, and blowers are often made from aluminum or aluminized steel. While brass makes up most electrical wires and valves. Home gas furnace designs today improved in terms of efficiency. High-efficiency furnaces consist of a secondary heat exchanger, circulation blowers, and other parts


Since natural gas is readily available around the country, a home gas furnace is the most popular choice. Compared with other fuel sources, natural gas-fired furnaces offer a number of benefits. First, operating a natural gas furnace is cost-effective. Not only is the fuel type cheaper than others, like oil, but natural gas furnaces are easier to maintain meaning they cost less in the long run. Second, a natural gas furnace provides better heating and comfort. A home gas furnace can produce heat that is 25 to 35 degrees warmer than other fuel sources. Compared with oil-fired furnaces, natural gas furnaces also produce more even heating throughout your home. Lastly, using natural gas means you can rely on consistency and availability.


The efficiency of a home has furnace is measured by an AFUE rating. This rating pertains to how much of the energy consumed gets converted into energy. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the furnace. Before you switch to a high-efficiency furnace, you need to look at several factors such as the price of a new furnace as well as the operational cost. But despite the upfront investment, you can recover the investment by paying lower energy bills over the life of the furnace. High-efficiency furnaces also have a longer life span than lower efficiency furnaces.
Changing your existing heating system to a high-efficiency home gas furnace will some expense. If you are considering the switch, contact Fisher Heating today and learn more about high-efficiency furnaces and how they can benefit you.
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