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Furnace Not Working

In this video, we list our top reasons why furnaces don’t work. We also go over what may need to be fixed so you can be partially prepared prior to calling Ficher Heating and Air.


Furnace not working? The answer could be simpler than you would expect. According to HVAC experts, almost 75% of no-heat calls are due to a lack of maintenance. Most homeowners don’t know what they should be doing to maintain the system. Here we will address the most common reasons your furnace is not working.


Check the temperature settings. The heat won’t kick on unless the home temperature dips below the set temp. Replace the batteries in your unit to be sure the signal to the system is strong.


Turn the circuit that controls the furnace off and on again. Note the position when you are at the electrical panel. Was it flipped to off or was it in the middle? When you flipped the breaker did it stay in the on position? If not, your problem could be the circuit itself.


With the furnace off, remove the old filter and make sure there is no debris left in the opening. Insert the new filter and reset the breaker. Filters need replacing every 90 to 120 days more often in heavy use. Now go back to your thermometer and test the furnace. Still nothing? Let’s move on to our next potential solution.


There is a certain level of maintenance a furnace requires to operate at 100% for the life of the furnace. Besides the filters, you also need to check the safety switch on the furnace door. We recommend that you have an annual inspection and routine maintenance to make sure everything is working properly.


A functioning safety switch should keep the fan and burner of your unit from turning on while the panel is open. This is a great way to keep your eyebrows and not burn your face. But, if the safety switch breaks the fan and burner will never turn on. Open the furnace door and check for the safety switch to pop out when you close the door. If it isn’t working you can ask Fischer to install a new one.


Make sure the entire area around the furnace is clear and clean. Cluttering up space around the furnace makes the furnace work harder. There is also a higher risk of unexpected fires. Dust and debris can also affect the unit so make sure the vacuum around it as well.


Make sure your burners are clean and free of debris. A clean burner will have a flame that is blue with a yellow tip. Is it another color? We recommend also having this professionally cleaned.


There are a few other things you can do to inspect your furnace. This could include looking for ignition and pilot control issues. But, these might be best left to the experts since it could mean the furnace is in far worse condition than you originally thought.

Doing these regular maintenance activities can save you tons of money and time. It helps avoid costly repairs and replacements. But, even the most attentive homeowner will still need repair from time to time. Make sure to hire a reputable HVAC company. One who will come and do a thorough inspection and provide a quote for services. Are you still having an issue with your furnace? If it’s too cold and your home is freezing, it could be an emergency in the Seattle area. Contact us today and we’ll do our best to get out there quickly.

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