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Drain Repair to Unclog A Toilet, Sink, or Bathtub

At Fischer Plumbing, one of the many services that we provide is drain repair. From basic problems such as unclogging and cleaning any drain pipes with strong orders to fixing back flow; water leaks and large cracks; as well as pipe repair including rooting services to remove excess tree roots from pipes. All of our technicians are skilled, experienced, and dedicated to being able to fix any problem you may be experiencing with drains at home or work.

Water Heater Signs to Repair or Replace

Having issues with your hot water heater? There may be some very noticeable signs of it needing to be fixed or replaced. Here’s how to tell you need a professional technician to take a look at your hot water heater:

David Bach from David Bach and Associates talks about his experience in working with Fischer Plumbing on their commercial plumbing projects. Since 1988, David Bach and Associates have been continuous customers with Fischer Plumbing by putting their full trust in their experienced technicians to get the job done.

Nan is one of our best customers from Bellevue, Washington and in this video, she shares her experience about working with us and how our technicians were able to solve her plumbing issues at home.

After noticing a recent major plumbing problem in her home, she remembered how Fischer Plumbing was able to help her in the past by re-plumbing her entire home. This time around, she felt confident that we would be able to repair her home’s plumbing problem once again.

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