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t Fischer Plumbing, we install, repair and maintain water heaters, including electric hot water heater repair. Water heaters are a major appliance for every home, and when they break, they cause major household problems ranging from lack of hot water supply to leaks resulting in damages to your property and an increase in your water bills. We repair, maintain, install and replace residential hot water heaters and offer a complete set of services you will not find anywhere else in the Seattle.

From tankless and on-demand water heaters to conventional water heating units, we can install the appliance of your choice and can maintain it to make sure it performs efficiently over long periods of time. With the help of our maintenance services, you can avoid leaks altogether. In case of a leak, we are just a phone call away.


Each type of water heater has its own benefits and drawbacks. Traditional water heating units provide heated water all the time, but they’re not the most energy efficient or water efficient. Conventional water heaters fill and heat day and night, whether you’re using hot water or not. Tankless and on-demand water heating units are very economically friendly. They use very little water and very little electricity.  The most common type installed in most U.S homes is a conventional storage gas water heater due to lower cost of daily operation.  This is due to the historic low cost of natual gas energy, compared to electricity cost.  However, there are many good reasons to consider an electric water heater.


Here are the advantages of an electric water heater compared to a conventional natural gas one:

  1. Higher Safety: Natural gas leaks result in 500 unintentional deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning annually in the U.S. Also, natural gas is flammable and has a higher risk of an explosion that has the potential to kill family members. Plus, the damage to your home after a gas explosion far exceeds most damage that an electric tank could do. The risk of an electric hot water heater is electrocution from faulty wiring to your tank.
  2. Timer to Limit Electricity Used by Water Heater: You can reduce the electricity consumed by an electric water heater by installing a timer (costs about $50) unit that cuts off power to the entire tank.  The timer can be a DIY project for an average homeowner with some handyman skills (remember to turn off the power to unit before installing timer). You can have the timer come on when the first shower is taken, and turn off at night after the dishwasher runs. If your electric power company has time-metered billing, you can also focus your electric hot water heater power consumption to off-peak times.
  3. Lower Cost of installation: A gas water heater requires a vent to remove exhaust through a flu. This requires PVC tubing to be run through your home and out to your roof. However, an electric water heater does not need to be vented, and only to install a special outlet. No need to run PVC and put holes in your roof!
  4. Smaller Space requirements: An electric tank can be installed in confined spaces without concern of gas buildup or an explosion. They can be installed in a small closet, a crawlspace, and small ones can even be installed under your sink. Gas water heaters need a lot more installation space, which is a minimum 6-18″ of ventilation around the unit, and due to the gas leak and explosion risk most people want them installed outside the house, e.g. in the garage.
  5. Longer Expected Life Expectancy: An electric water heater average life is typically 2-5 years more than a gas water heater, since they have a simpler design and require fewer parts.
  6. Lower Cost of purchase: The initial cost to purchase an Electric water heaters is less than a gas heaters of the same size.
  7. No pilot light: Electric water heaters don’t use a pilot light, so you don’t need to worry about relighting the flame if it fails or accidentally goes out. However, many new gas heaters use electric ignitions, not pilot lights, which leads us to…
  8. New Gas heaters Now Also Go Out When Your Power Goes Out. It used to be gas water heaters would remain on when your electric power goes off. However, with newer gas water heaters that use use electric ignitions, when the power goes out, so does your hot water heater.

At Fischer Plumbing, we can help you determine the right water heater for your household needs, and answer all your concerns about safety, space, initial cost, operating costs, etc.


If your electric hot water heater isn’t heating like it used to, or you notice strange smells or noises emanating from your unit, it’s time to call a repairman. Delaying repair could mean larger repair bills or the complete replacement of your hot water heater. That’s why it’s important to call a repairman at the first sign of hot water heater trouble. We perform electric hot water heater repair and make sure that the cost of labor and parts is cheaper than the purchase of a new one.

Fischer Plumbing installs, repairs, and replaces all types of water heaters. After an initial inspection, we recommend the best type of water heater for your household needs. If you want a traditional gas or electric water heater, tankless or on-demand water heater, we can acquire and install it for you. Whether you need a new water heater or want us to fix your old one, call us and we will be on our way.

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