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Trenchless sewer line repair


clogged sewer line can be a problem, but a broken sewer line quickly becomes a disaster. Traditional sewer line repair requires heavy digging equipment and will result in a seriously torn up lawn. However, trenchless sewer line repair will get the job done without any major damage being done to the surrounding areas. Although it doesn’t work in every cast, most broken sewer lines can be fixed using trenchless repair techniques.

How Does Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Work?

Normal sewer line repair requires removing old pipes and replacing them with new ones. A trenchless sewer line repair avoids that process by threading a new pipe through the old. This is called “relining.” The pipe lining is flexible and water tight, allowing for water to move freely through the damaged pipes.

If simply lining the pipes is not an option, plumbing companies can still preform a form of trench-less sewer line repair. An entirely new pipe can be pushed through old, broken pipes. As it is moved through the line it will take the place of the old sewer line. The old pipes will break or shatter as the new, stronger pipe is installed.

Both options may require some digging to make the initial entry into the pipe. Some homes offer an easy access point however and will require little or not digging whatsoever. Either way, there will be significantly less damage done to a yard by using the trench-less method.

Unless you are an experienced plumber, it is heavily recommended that you leave trenchless repairs to the professionals. An improperly lain pipe could cause serious damage and leave digging it out the only option available. It takes years of training to become a master at trenchless sewer repair.

When your sewer lines become broken, it can cause a huge amount of stress for everyone involved. Don’t compound that stress by bringing in heavy, loud machines to destroy the front lawn. If you live in Seattle and need trenchless sewer line repairs, call Fischer Plumbing today. These reliable, highly trained plumbers have the experience necessary to ensure your new sewer line goes in with no fuss and minimal external damage to your home.

How Fischer Plumbing Does Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

To help understand the tremendous advantage in choosing Fischer Plumbing Trenchless Sewer Repair Service, it’s helpful to understand how this type of repair is done.
Below, you’ll find the process we use to accomplish this with the least amount of disruptions on you, your family or your business.

1. The first step in the process is to excavate two holes in your yard, these serve as an entry and an exit.

2. After that, a splitting head is affixed to the replacement pipe, which then barges through the old pipe.

3. As the old pipe is being extended, the replacement pipe is pulled through the old pipe concurrently.

The replacement pipe will follow the same installation procedure as the old one. The new pipe will also be made of a solid, one-piece polyethylene pipe, which is not jointed in any way. Because we use polyethylene, the life of the new replacement pipe will outlive the lifespan of the old one. Another advantage of the polyethylene non-jointed pipe is that it will not allow any tree roots to grow into the pipe, causing damage, like old-fashioned sewer pipes used to do.

4. While the splitting head blasts in order to make room for the new replacement pipe, it’s then possible, due to the machine power, to increase the diameter of the pipe slightly, but it depends on the diameter of the original pipe.

In layman’s terms: There is no need to excavate up the entire sewer line in your yard. This eliminates additional costs in repairing your yard – which you would be responsible for. The process of trenchless sewer line repair is cost-effective and can be accomplished in a shorter period of time than traditional replacement processes.

As mentioned before, polyethylene pipes are used in the process, and do not allow for any type of damage caused by tree roots.

Because the pipes will be cured as they are being set in place, the capacity in which everything flows through them will be dramatically increased, enhancing efficiency of the system.

This trenchless sewer line repair technology can be achieved quickly, allowing our customers to repair their old sewer lines easily – without any of the runarounds, delays, unnecessary digging, and technical disruptions – all of which normal, outdated, sewer line replacement techniques would normally require. As there is only one entry hole and one exit hole, this will not cause any damage to your lawn; so, you can save yourself the fear and frustration of trying to re-landscape your lawn or losing complete access to your yard as you should be entitled to do. As this process of trenchless sewer repair requires very little excavating, as compared to older technology, the sewer line repair process is now much more affordable than ever before.


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