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sewer locating service


ometimes, there’s no easy way around it: your sewer line needs work and the only way to get the job done is to dig a hole in order to make the repair. Unfortunately, the exact location of the sewer line is not always obvious. Even with official blueprints from the city, it can be difficult to target the location of the line. When that happens, it’s time to contact a sewer locating service.

Using the latest technology, Fischer Plumbing is able to locate sewer lines without tearing up a lawn or sidewalk. By inserting a camera or similar line into a sewer pipe through an access inside the house, our plumbers use a hand held radio transmitter to pinpoint the exact location to dig. When you hire a skilled sewer locating service, not only is the job finished faster but you save money on the major landscape repairs trial and error digging can cause.

Most “do it yourself” methods for locating a sewer line require quite a lot of guesswork. Even the most detailed guides require multiple holes to be bored into the turf to find a suitable spot. At best, it is educated guessing. The situation becomes even worse if the work requires access to a sidewalk or street. Not only is it cost effective to hire a plumber to check out the line, but it will probably make your neighbors happy too.

By hiring Fischer Plumbing to locate your sewage line, you can ensure your home gets the work it needs done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not only does Fischer use the latest technology to find sewer lines, but they also have three decades of experience replacing and repairing those lines. When you hire Fischer, both the sewer location service and the repairs can be completed by the same company.

Every day you spend hunting for the right spot to dig up a sewer line is another day your home is forced to deal with broken plumbing. Get the job done right the first time, and quickly, by calling Fischer Plumbing for sewer locating services and to repair your malfunctioning sewage pipes.


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