John – Condo Board Member

As a condominium board member in Seattle, John was impressed with our ability to keep everyone who lived there happy with their new plumbing repairs in each unit. When it comes to meeting the needs of our clients whether in an individual house or condominium, our Fischer Plumbing technicians not only get the job done, but work efficiently and communicate well with our clients.

At condominiums where multiple people take up residence, our technicians work with each individual tenant to make sure each plumbing project is well-accomplished. Our technicians schedule and let the residents know well ahead of time when they will arrive to begin work on the repairs or installments and what time they can expect the technicians to be done working on the plumbing system.

Our skilled technicians know that being courteous is key to making sure that our clients are happy and you can expect us to keep the working area clean during the repair and to clear any mess we might have caused.