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Leave it to the experts to tackle the messy job of sewer drain cleaning in Seattle. Most home and building owners know that sewer lines are important, but the system is something that they also immediately forget until such time that clogs in the system develop. Raw sewage backup is a problem that nobody wants to occur. It is a sewer drain problem that could lead to extensive damage to the home or building and a costly replacement or repair of sewer line. Before more serious drain problems occur, it is best to call professional plumbers to do a thorough sewer drain cleaning of our property in Seattle.

Drain Clog Signs to Look Out For

You cannot predict when your drains will clog. It can occur anytime and the problem could go unnoticed until it is already worse. However, there are warning signs, which could tell you that there are already some issues developing within your drainage system.

The main sewer lines connect all the drains in your home or building to the sewer system in your city. If this main line or the secondary lines develop clogs, you’ll have problems with all the drains in your home. Some of the red flags include water backing up out of a toilet plumbing or drain. You might also hear gurgling sound from the drains. You might notice that the toilets start to percolate when you drain your washing machine or there will be water in your basement’s floor drain.

Clogs could be isolated as well. You might notice that water backs up in your bathroom sink or your bath tub yet your toilet flushes out just fine.

In older home, roots of trees are the main cause of clogged sewer line. Older sewer lines out in the yard may have been crushed by tree roots. In newer homes, clog sources include thicker toilet paper, paper towels and feminine hygiene products.

Sewer Drain Cleaning in Seattle

Listen to what your home tells you. When it comes to sewer drain cleaning in Seattle, get in touch with the expert from Fischer Plumbing. In the meantime, you can do some minor measures to ensure that your sewer drain problem does not escalate into something bigger.

It there is clog in any of the drains in your home and you suspect that it is caused by a blocked sewer drain, locate the sewer cleanout line. It is a short, white and round pipe with a rubber cap that’s located in your yard, close to your house. If there is a minor backup in your house, remove the cap to release the pressure buildup and send the water out into the yard instead of inside your house.

Call a plumber to clear up a clog. Typically the sewer drain cleaner will inspect your sewer line system and try to unclog your drain using a plumbing snake or a hydrojet. If the plumber cannot find the problem, they would offer to have a camera inspection. Expert sewer drain cleaners advise consumers not to entertain companies that offer camera inspection without attempting to the clear the clog first.

Fischer offers sewer drain cleaning in Seattle. We have maintained many residential and commercial establishments in the state for more than 35 years. We know our business and have experienced, licensed and professional plumbers to take care of all your sewer drain problems. We are available for regular and emergency plumbing service calls 24/7. Trust the experts for sewer repair in Seattle area. Be it your sink, your tub, toilets, floor drains or secondary and main sewer lines, we have the expertise and tools to provide efficient, economical, fast and effective method for cleaning and maintaining your drains and sewer lines.


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