David Bach Testimonial

David Bach from David Bach and Associates talks about his experience in working with Fischer Plumbing on their commercial plumbing projects. Since 1988, David Bach and Associates have been continuous customers with Fischer Plumbing by putting their full trust in their experienced technicians to get the job done.

When it comes to communication between the two businesses, Fischer Plumbing has been opened to listening to what the clients and homeowners of David Bach and Associates need for their plumbing system and given well advance notice for when they will be working on projects. Especially if a large home or condominium being built with multiple plumbing needs, Fischer Plumbing tries to meet all of their requests and answer any concerns they may have.  Past services have included:

  • Locating and repairing single water leaks
  • Re-plumbing a high-rise building
  • Repairs to multi-occupied homes

Because Fischer Plumber has completed all their projects in David Bach and Associates on-time, within budget, and successfully; it’s obvious why they have teamed up together for 25 years.

 Would you want to be a happy Fischer Plumbing customer as well? Contact us today.