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Copper Repiping Specialist at Your Service


alvanized or zinc coated pipes are going to provide you with a number of problems. As time goes on, you may notice such problems as foul smelling water and a corrosive layer around the pipes. This will eventually lead to rust colored water coming out of the pipes as well as a decreased flow of water and leaky pipes.

Repipe Your Home and Save Money

Fischer plumbing is a copper repiping specialist. If there is only one home improvement you do this year, it should be to repipe your home. It will provide you with a number of advantages and can save you from problems later on. If you have leaky pipes, you may be paying more on your water bill than your consumption. You may also have water damage behind your walls and not even know it.

Copper is one of the most accepted metals for securing interior pipes. It is a durable metal that is highly resistant to corrosion and rusting. It’s also flexible enough to be curved when necessary as opposed to using joints. You will also find that it’s lightweight and very easy to repair.

Repiping your home is going to take a few days. Our plumbers will come in and review the entire project with you. This includes showing you where the access points in the wall will be made and what the total costs are.

You may already be having problems with your current pipes or you may want to eliminate pipe problems before they start. Regardless of why, you want to find a copper repiping specialist that has the experience with copper. Not everyone deals in copper – many are still using galvanized pipes and others have decided that PVC is the way to go.

Call Now and Let Our Plumbers Take a Look

Your home can benefit significantly from repiping. If you have old pipes, you need to do something about them. Copper repiping is a service offered by Fischer Plumbing, so you know it’s a service that you can rely on. Our licensed and certified plumbers will be able to make short work of the project and provide you with a warranty on the materials and the labor.

Finding a copper repiping specialist will allow you to take advantage of a great investment for your home. The investment will pay for itself when you don’t have to worry about costly repairs due to broken pipes, water damage behind your walls or anything else. Fischer Plumbing is the specialist you want to call.


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