Fun Facts About Seattle From Fischer Plumbing

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Fun Facts About Seattle Summer is officially here. Hopefully your drains are running smoothly, your toilets are flushing without an issue, and you are enjoying the warmer weather so many of us love. Here at Fischer Plumbing, Seattle is our home base.  We thought you would like to know these 20 fun facts about Seattle…

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What Would Happen if Everyone in Seattle Flushed Their Toilets Simultaneously?

Toilet power flush what would happen if everyone in seattle flushed their toilets simultaneously?

When it comes to toilets, most people take a “let’s not talk about it” stance. After all, discussing your bathroom habits isn’t exactly dinner party talk. But while toilet talk might not make for polite conversation, it creates an interesting dialogue about water, quality and conservation. Whether it’s hypothesizing over what would happen if everyone…

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