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Pex Pipe Repair


Pex Pipe Repair in Seattle

Since the 1980s, many plumbers and water systems managers have chosen to use cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping to provide water throughout homes and properties. PEX tubing has largely replaced polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping as one of the most popular tools of the trade thanks to its superior durability and versatility.

Regardless of the superior quality of PEX tubing in general, most homeowners will have to repair or replace some of their property’s underground water system with a proper PEX pipe repair in Seattle at some point in their ownership due to normal wear and tear combined with weather, wildlife, and climate.

Fischer Plumbing has been helping families and business owners fix broken PEX tubing and remodel their water infrastructures by replacing plumbing with PEX tubing for over thirty-five years. We were one of the first plumbing companies to embrace the many uses of PEX piping and offer our services for maintenance and problem solving specially for plumbing systems of this sort. We can help you update your system by repairing your existing PEX system or installing a new one.

What Is Cross-linked Polyethylene or PEX?

PEX is a polyethylene blend whereby the polyethylene molecules have been manipulated to create bridges and links between molecules. This type of bonding creates an incredibly durable material that can withstand temperatures hundreds degrees in variance and exposure to several types of chemicals and corrosive substances.

Its structure also allows it to resist cracking, stiffening, and other similar issues that often plague plastic tubing. Its unique manufacturing process and simple composition make it exceedingly flexible, accessible, and durable. Even more, PEX tubing allows for easier installation, greater water pressure at fixtures, and direct routing of pipes. These pipes can easily withstand temperatures of hundreds of degrees below zero to at least 200° Fahrenheit, protecting your water system no matter the weather.

When Can PEX Tubing Benefit You?

PEX tubing is the smart choice for many homeowners looking for complete hot and cold water systems, offering an affordable option of high quality and longevity. PEX tubing can be used for hydronic radiant heating for homes and office buildings, outdoor sprinkler systems, and fire sprinkler system.

For those with specific projects in mind, PEX piping is often used for things like ice rink systems and snow melting but can be used for a variety of projects and purposes. PEX material is so versatile that is is even used to make objects as diverse as joint replacements for people and power cable insulation.

Fischer Plumbing is happy to offer PEX pipe repair, in addition to replacing copper with PEX and offering replacements for PVC pipe in Seattle.

Are There Any Drawbacks to PEX Tubing?

Unfortunately, there is rarely a building material that is absolutely perfect. PEX tubing, although of a generally higher quality to the previously popular PVC piping, can still suffer from degradation from sunlight, perforation by insects, and chemical reactions with its fittings.

It is recommended that you keep any PEX tubing away from sunlight in storage and constantly shielded from sunlight after installation to allow for proper functioning and durability. A PEX pipe repair may cost a bit more than the average PVC repair, but both the repair and the system will last longer than its predecessor.

Fischer Plumbing has been working with PEX tubing in the Seattle area for over thirty years, updating antiquated systems with higher quality PEX piping or maintaining and repairing existing PEX systems to ensure they work at their best. If you are looking for a system that can withstand wildly different temperatures with an amazing track record of durability and functionality, PEX tubing might be the solution for you.

Try it for your home or office and your indoor or outdoor system. Our experts will work with you to understand which type of PEX system will best meet your plumbing needs both today and in the future. Contact us here or call us on 206-279-3322.


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