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Leak Detection Services


Leak detection and underground water leaks

Have you ever wondered “Why is my water so slow?”; Is your lawn turning into marshlands? Have you noticed your water bills skyrocketing when you haven’t changed your water usage at all? If so, it is possible you might have an underground water leak. If you are concerned about possible water leaks, call Fischer Plumbing today. As one of the most reliable plumbers in Seattle, they will use the latest technology to detect water leaks and safely discern what is causing your plumbing problems.

Detecting underground water leaks usually involves a small coaxial camera being threaded through the pipes. This is non-invasive and will cause very little, if any, damage to the exterior of your property. The plumber will be able to view the insides of the pipe using the underground water line leak detector. Their years of training will enable them to pinpoint the exact location of any leaks that might be plaguing that particular water line.

Being able to detect an underground water leak is an economical solution to what might otherwise have been an expensive problem. In the days before it was possible to detect underground water leaks, plumbers were often forced to do extensive digging on the personal property of the home owner to discover what the problem was. Not only does that require significantly more man hours than a simple water leak detection, but the costs of repairing the landscaping damage are on the home owner as well.

Once the plumbers have completed the underground water pipe leak detection, they have a number of options available to fix any leaks they might find. It may be possible to preform a trenchless repair, although that is not guaranteed.

It is important to detect water leaks as soon as you suspect that they might be happening. Hesitating could allow the problem to get progressively worse over time, leading to higher repair fees and potentially damaging other water lines int he surrounding area. By hiring a dependable, highly trained plumber from Fischer, you will ensure that the job is done quickly and competently.

Don’t let your underground leak turn your lawn into Old Faithful: call Fischer Plumbing today to detect underground water leaks as soon as possible.


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